April 15, 2020 -

How can you buy Aion (AION)?


One of the easiest and least expensive ways to invest today is to invest in Aion (AION). What is Aion (AION)? How can you buy Aion (AION)? How can you sell Aion (AION)?

New Aion (AION) tokens appeared quite recently, in 2017. The main developer of Aion (AION) was Matthew Spock, who previously worked with the Bitcoin system, and then with Ethereum. 

Crypto coins in this project serve only as a kind of “fuel” for the functioning of the unique Aion-1 system. The Aion-1 system is a third-generation blockchain. Aion-1 serves as a server for projects based on Ethereum and is an improved “fork” of Ethereum.

Why do successful investors prefer Aion (AION)?

Aion-1 enables blockchain systems of different architectural forms to interact with each other. Here, transactions between simple linear structures of first-generation blockchains and blockchain systems of complex architectural constructions of the second and third generation are possible. This is one of the main advantages of the existing system.  

 More than five hundred powerful organizations such as Intel, Microsoft, New Alchemy have connected to the Aion-1 system. 

Another powerful advantage of AION-1 is its almost instantaneous speed for transactions between different architectural branches of the system. 

Aion fuel tokens (AION) will be used for inter-blockchain transactions, bridge monetization and Aion-1 system security. 

The Aion-1 system, as well as investing in the cryptocurrency (AION), is considered an extremely promising business. Since the latest achievements of blockchain technologies are involved here.

Instant transaction speed makes the system convenient and extremely efficient. The powerful range of investors extends the technical and financial capabilities of Aion-1.  

Due to the relative cheapness of Aion (AION) coins it is possible to become an investor without investing much in the project.

There are four main ways to become an owner of Aion coins:

  1. Mining
  2. Purchase on the cryptocurrency exchange
  3. Purchase at a cryptocurrency exchange point
  4. AirDrop (get for free)            

The mining of Aion coins is a rather complicated process. Detailed information is available on the Aion project website. Aion launches its platform designed for mining AION coins. (“Aion Miner Module”).

How can you buy Aion (AION) on the exchange or at a cryptocurrency exchange point? 

You can buy Aion (AION) directly on any major exchange (Binance, DragonEX, LATOKEN, KuCoin, Bitrue). 

It is also possible to buy Aion tokens through transit cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum. 

You can store Aion coins directly on the cryptocurrency exchange’s wallet. But this way is not safe enough. Since the keys to the wallets are stored on the exchange, and they are often hacked. Therefore, the client’s funds on the exchange are not sufficiently protected from fraudsters. 

It’s better to use wallets designed to support Ethereum (ERC-20). MyEtherWallet is the most popular among users. It is designed to store a variety of tokens.

To create MyEtherWallet on myetherwallet.com, you should do all the necessary steps, including creating a password. 

How to buy Aion (AION), the algorithm

First, you need to create an account on the exchange. To do this, specify your email address, first name, and last name. Some platforms also require you to provide your phone number and send a photo of ID documents. 

To reduce the risk of being robbed, two-factor authentication should be established. 

The next step is a deposit. To add funds to your wallet on the page of your account, you should study the information on the “Deposit” link, following the specified prompts.

The third stage is the purchase of Aion. At the moment you can buy tokens directly or through transit currencies, ETH or BTC.

How to sell Aion (AION)

If it is necessary to sell AION, you should study all actions related to the purchase of tokens, but they should apply to the sale. Often, a certain amount of cryptocurrency is not available. Therefore, select transit tokens and sell Aion through them.

Before you sell or buy Aion, it is recommended that you learn as much as possible about this investment instrument. You should be aware of all the possible risks.

AirDrop – a way to get Aion tokens

Advanced IT users do not miss the chance to get Aion (AION) tokens free of charge. This method is called AirDrop.

The Anion-1 system periodically launches similar AirDrop handouts for the participants of primary Aion ICO. Unrealized Aion tokens are distributed every month. 

As a result, ICO sold tokens worth over $25 million. As a result of ICO, investors were able to get more than 465 million Aion (AION). Each month, approximately 2.78 percent of Aion (AION) tokens are defrosted for future circulation.

Where can you use the Aion system? 

The unique Aion-1 blockchain system is available for users of blockchain technologies of the first, second and third generation. Thanks to the complex and perfect architecture of Aion-1, it is possible not only to profit from Aion but also to earn in other ways. For example, the creation or maintenance of any data registry. Real estate registries, health care registries, legal registries, all kinds of service registries provide additional income for Aion-1 users.