April 21, 2020 -

How to buy V-ID (VIDT)


The innovative project V-ID (VIDT) was created in 2017. The main task of V-ID (VIDT) is to create and maintain a register of documents based on the blockchain technology. The company’s headquarters are located in the small town of Zwijndrechtin the Southern Netherlands.

In an age of rapidly developing innovative technologies, fraud techniques are also being improved. Forgers of signatures and documents existed before, they have not disappeared now.

At the moment, it’s easy to make changes to electronic documents. Just like with photo and video editors, it is easy to fake photos and videos. A team of top-class specialists has developed the project platform and continues to improve it. Masters such as Marnix van den Berg (Chief Designer), Ceciel van Helden(Chief Programmer), Wil van Groesen (Chief Engineer), PimVoets (Chief Designer), Thijs Calkhoven (Product Manager), Wico van Helden (Chief Executive Officer) have been working on V-ID. The composition of the V-ID team inspires confidence. Advisors of the project are experienced specialists in the field of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and marketing.

Why V-ID (VIDT) is going to be a leader

The use of Blockchain technology does not allow anyone to forge any document in any way.  Adjustments to the material require consensus, consent of all members of the blockchain community. It is unattainable. The V-ID (VIDT) community is decentralized. 

The use of blockchain technology in the Netherlands is used to maintain legal, medical, historical, architectural, state, raw materials (jewelry) registries.

New technologies with the use of blockchain negate various fraudulent documents and eradicate corruption. The existing document validation service checks the validity of these documents worldwide in the shortest possible time. Once the documents have been validated, the owner of any document, or anyone interested in the document, will know whether the materials have been modified. Besides, the V-ID (VIDT) document itself cannot be changed.

Airbus, HBO Drechtsteden, WildRidar and other status companies are project partners. The success and efficiency of this project confirm the opinion of authoritative market specialists that V-ID (VIDT) will soon take first place in the field of documentation protection. 

Why you should invest in V-ID tokens (VIDT)

The “fuel” for V-ID (VIDT) project is V-ID (VIDT) tokens. Project V-ID (VIDT) is a publicly available Ethereum“fork”. V-ID (VIDT) coins work on the Ethereum network and are compatible with ERC 20 standard.

Each V-ID coin (VIDT) can be used to check the documents of the VIDT blockchain registry. Payments for document verification also occur at the expense of V-ID coins (VIDT).

V-ID plans to issue 100 million V-ID coins. It is known that half of all tokens will go for sale. 25 percent of tokens will be needed for document validation. For a private sale, 12 percent of V-ID coins will be allocated.

The team got 3 percent, the advisors got 2 percent of tokens. The remaining 8 percent of V-ID will be distributed for free. Within 5 years, 20 percent of tokens will be sold annually. A certain amount of coins will be burned. The clear structure of token distribution indicates that the project is developing according to a clear plan.

All steps of the project are made on time. The team closely follows the project strategy, minimizing all risks and the occurrence of unforeseen accidents. 

The cost of the V-ID tokens is currently less than $1. To be precise, it is less than $0.16.

Where and how can you buy V-ID (VIDT)?

V-ID (VIDT) tokens can be purchased for USD or EUR via WebMoney. V-ID coins are traded on the well-known Binance exchange. The algorithm of actions for the purchase of tokens is simple.

A potential investor should register on Binance, open a personal account, having passed all levels of data protection to reduce fraud risks. Before depositing or withdrawing funds, you should select “Asset” from the pop-up list by selecting “Deposit” or “Withdraw”.

After opening the page with balances, choose the tokens you need. Next to the name of each token is “Deposit” and “Withdrawal”. The user only needs to perform the necessary action.

It is known that it is very dangerous to keep your money on the exchange. Since cryptocurrency exchanges are often subject to fraud. Therefore, it is recommended that you transfer your coins to a more secure place.   

You can withdraw your tokens to an electronic wallet (ERC 20) or transfer your funds via the WebMoney system to your bank account or card.

You can buy V-ID (VIDT) tokens with the help of cryptocurrency (BTC or ETH). In this case, the buying process is somewhat longer. But constant buyers of tokens do not see anything complicated in it.

How to sell V-ID (VIDT)

To sell V-ID (VIDT), you should read the contents of this article. To sell V-ID tokens, a reverse algorithm is used. You can sell V-ID tokens on Binance directly, either through transfer tokens or through cryptocurrency exchange services