March 27, 2020 -

How to buy Waves


The Waves platform is a blockchain that aims to publish cryptocurrency tokens and implement crowdfunding campaigns.

The platform was founded by Alexander Ivanov, an entrepreneur, and trader from Russia, in 2016. He created a service based on the NXT project. Before creating the platform, he developed a digital currency exchange service.

Thanks to the crowdfunding campaign, they managed to get about $16 million in Bitcoins for the development of a new project.

The Waves platform is powered by LPoS, which allows you to transfer balances to complete nodes as a lease to get your share of the profits from mining in return. In doing so, the owner can make a refund at any time.

Forbes evaluated the prospects of Waves and supported the project by creating information and training materials. Waves managed to get about $0.5 billion. Thanks to these volumes, it was included in the list of “10 best digital currencies in the world.”  Today, the Waves platform functions as an efficient service for payments of various services.

How can you buy Waves (WAVES)?

There are several ways you can do this. The easiest way is to join the Waves platform. Miners are regularly rewarded with tokens. To become a member, you need to collect a certain number of Waves on your trading account, namely, starting from 1000 Waves. The participants mine Waves and then rent the coins out.Miners benefit from this, because they receive interest in the form of money. You can also earn by receiving transaction fees or commission for running token projects.

You can also accumulate coins by clicking on the links. Thus, you can earn about 0.03 coins per hour + 1 token. This is the easiest and most common way to earn money, there is no need to invest money initially, but the method is quite time-consuming.

To purchase Waves, experts recommend using another cryptocurrency, which is better known in the market. In particular, we are talking about Bitcoin (BTC). It turns out that it is possible to withdraw funds and replenish a trading account by converting Waves to Bitcoin.You can withdraw fiat money from the stock exchange to the web wallet of the most famous payment systems. The amount of commission depends on the amount of transfer, as well as the conditions of the selected payment system.

You can buy or sell Waves using special platforms: cryptocurrency exchanges. These platforms allow a trader to deposit, transfer and withdraw money in any currency convenient for the client.

The Waves/BTC pair is the most popular trading option. The daily turnover of such trading operations reaches up to $20 million. A large share of trading takes place on two trading exchanges: Binance and Tidex (35% and 10% respectively). How can you store Waves on the platform?In the platform system, each client creates a multicurrency wallet that contains fiat funds. You can buy Waves using your wallet.To do it, the client can use BTC, ETC, LTC, ZEC.You can also fund your account in US dollars or euros and then convert the amount to Waves.

Let’s analyze the history of Waves: the platform was launched in 2016, the cost of tokens at that time ranged from $0.16 to $1.33. In early 2017, the value rose to $7 and then to $16. Such an upsurge was achieved due to positive news about the platform. Each time before the publication of an ICO and the formation of important partnership agreements with large companies, the value of the token grew. Focusing on price, the capitalization of the entire market grew. For comparison, the capital of the cryptocurrency market reached $16 million. Next year, it was $60 million. At the end of 2017, the amount of capital exceeded $1 billion.

In 2018, the market crashed. It negatively affected the cryptocurrency. The cost of the coin fell to $5; the capital fell three times. Such a low trend lasted a whole year. The price did not reach above the one-dollar mark. Soon the crisis passed, and the cryptocurrency managed to recover.

To date, the price of Waves in the stock market reaches $0.88, the capitalization is $88 million.

How to sell Waves

A relatively new digital currency can be sold using another cryptocurrency, the “older” and better known in the market. Of course, it is recommended to pay attention to Bitcoin (BTC) first. In addition to the main virtual currency, you can sell Waves with the help of Ethereum, Tether, Bitcoin Cash.

Another way to sell Waves is with the help of fiat means. The most popular currency with which Waves is sold is the American dollar. In addition to the dollar, you can use the euro, Indian rupee, Turkish lira, Russian ruble, Ukrainian hryvnia, Korean won, etc.