April 13, 2020 -

How to buy 0X (ZRX)


At the moment, the cryptocurrency market is developing rapidly. But many traders are familiar with only five to six major digital currencies. There are several more. For example, the 0X cryptocurrency, which will be discussed later. 

Market experts define this currency as promising, which can compete with bitcoin, ethereum and XRP. ZRX is actively used on popular blockchain platforms, while investors are still wary of this trading asset.

ZRX first appeared in 2017 thanks to developers Amir Bandeali and Will Warren. They created a special protocol to exchange ERC-20, ERC-721 tokens. Warren and Bandeali intended to create a secure network for blockchain operations to open decentralized applications, as well as cryptocurrency trading outside of stock exchanges, which would remove the lowest fees.

With ZRX, you can solve many problems of digital currency exchanges, namely:

  • The disadvantage of decentralization. The exchange is managed through the administration, not directly by the exchange participants. The ZRX platform is fully managed by its participants; in fact, its development depends on consumers.
  • The risk of fraudulent interference. Exchanges are often not very well protected against fraudulent attacks, so the clients risk losing their funds. There is no single server on the 0X platform: all servers are located in different regions of the world, and it allows the developers to protect the system better, making it reliable and safe.
  • Lack of a comfortable environment for making transactions on exchanges. There are often situations of unreasonable bans of traders’ accounts, which lead to the blocking of funds and impossibility to withdraw them. To start working on the exchange, you need to spend a lot of time and effort on the registration process. Also, in some countries, registration is blocked completely. To work with fiat money, it is necessary to go through the verification process (identity verification), provide personal data and pay a commission for using the service. Work on 0X requires only the installation of the application, no additional registrations, and fees.

Also, many modern exchanges have low bandwidth, long transaction process, high commission fees. On the ZRX platform, trading operations are carried out outside the blockchain. Users have the opportunity to run their application within the platform, as well as engage in relaying activity, helping to develop the system. For this activity, traders are paid in tokens (unlimited amounts). By making as many repeaters as possible, the trader gets more profit. With tokens, you can pay intra-network commissions. It can be a fee for opening your applications, opening orders, and buying/selling cryptocurrencies. Only ZRX members are allowed to vote inside the system.

The main focus of the 0X platform is the development of a system for decentralized exchange systems. As a result, investors will be able to buy and sell assets with these new exchange systems using 0X. It is a platform developers’ global idea. Warren and Bandeali are going to create a system to optimize the entire cryptocurrency market. It was supported by many traders: in 2017, a record sale of tokens was recorded in two days. The amount reached $24 million.

How can you buy 0X (ZRX)? At the moment, there are over 500 million coins in the market. Another 500 million are being managed by developers and platform partners. The company is not going to launch an additional issue of currency. ZRX cannot be minted. You can receive tokens through the repeater activity inside the platform. Daily trade volumes are small – about 23-24 million dollars.

How to sell 0X (ZRX)

The appearance of 0X was recorded in the market in August 2017, the price of the asset was then 10 cents. During the first two trading days, the amount rose five times, the capital of $67 million rose to $300 million. This rapid rise was due to increased interest from market participants. Then there was an adjustment to lower values: as of December 2017, the capitalization was $118 million.

How can you sell 0X (ZRX)? The price of cryptocurrency is influenced by the development of technology in general. The price of the token also depends on the number of participants who will use the innovation protocol.

The advantages of ZRX are:

  • The rapid development of technology. 0X is actively used by 14 specialized applications.
  • Big prospects for future development. Assets can be tokenized, which is in great demand in the market, and experts see a good prospect in this.
  • It’s a new system for exchanging cryptocurrencies. Platform members do not pay the high fees that are typical for regular exchanges. The system is more secure against viruses and external interference.

ZRX can enter the system of world decentralized tokenization systems, which will allow the safe exchange of cryptocurrencies. Thanks to ZRX, it is possible to increase the market price of the whole cryptocurrency market, as the new currency is quite promising.

The experts of the cryptocurrency market appreciate the development opportunities of ZRX. It is evidenced by the quality technological platform, professional developers and partnership with the Ethereum platform. ZRX plans to achieve high results and indicators within the next three years.