February 26, 2021 -

How to buy Dent (DENT) coin


It could not be stressed enough that the usage of digital currency or more aptly called, cryptocurrency, is not going away anytime soon and might even replace fiat currencies altogether. This is apparent as modern-day societies are making a shift from traditional brick-and-mortar setups to cyberspaces, making electronic banking transactions apparent.

We can easily get caught up in the trend without truly understanding what we are in for. And while flowing with the times may be seen as economically-sound, going about it in the dark is simply impractical and will pave the way for unnecessary losses.

In this feature, we will look into a coin that has the potential of making a mark in the industry. The discussion will detail what DENT is, the mission behind the development of the coin, how it works, and what the primary considerations are if one chooses to buy or trade it.

How Does DENT Function?

First things first, what exactly is DENT?

DENT is an electronic currency that works in a peer-to-peer network. It is backed up by the main goal of using cryptocurrencies for the democratization of mobile data and bandwidth. DENT’s existence is driven primarily by the aim of aiding its holders to purchase and trade their own mobile data, making its viability reliant on its niche.

As of writing, 10.7 billion DENT coins are in circulation. The development team had reported a projection that DENT will create a total token supply of 100 billion.

The platform for DENT is already fully functional with the coin already in complete utility.

DENT works through its two (2) features:

  1. Singularity
    Though utility of its own coin, DENT users are availed of the ease of international data purchase and trade.
  2. Availability of Smart Contract Products
    May it be the act of buying and selling mobile data, these always come with smart contract products. Through this, the coin holder benefits through the system transparency that it offers. Hence, shady dealings and other potential fraudulent activities are kept at bay.

Given its nature, DENT functions via a mobile application, thus making data transfer to other apps with greater ease.

In addition, DENT also makes use of an ERC20 token through the more seasoned and trusted, Ethereum blockchain.

So what are DENT users in for exactly?

  1. The Freedom of Buying and Selling Mobile Data
    The process of trading data through DENT’s peer-to-peer is easy. DENT is able to develop an international marketplace for mobile data. This aims at making the coin mainstream ultimately allows for cheaper data costs globally.
  2. Data Roaming Fees Minimized
    Through a system called “Local Breakout”, DENT would want to minimize and eliminate data roaming. This system is able to route data automatically with great efficiency. This administers great change as it lets go of the system of poorly using data roaming fees to pay for routing data.
  3. Fosters a Data Sharing Economy
    Simply put, with the emergence of more peer-to-peer systems, DENT aims to innovate data sharing technology in the hopes of making it a way of life.

Where to Purchase and Trade DENT Coins


Those wanting to trade DENT are given a number of options of where to buy and sell the coin. We have listed them here:

  1. Changelly Crypto-to-Crypto Exchange
    This exchange allows for transactions to be paid through either Credit card and Debit card. Payments can be made through the following fiat currencies: AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, and USD among many others.
  2. CoinSwitch Cryptocurrency Exchange
    Much like the cryptocurrency exchange above, Coinswitch only allows for transactions to be paid through bank transfer with the accepted fiat currencies being EUR, JPY, RUB, and USD
  3. The Crypto.com App
    Through this application, a user can purchase and sell the coin through transfer, BPAY, Osko, PayID, NPP, and Credit or Debit Card.
    The currencies accepted for transactions through Crypto.com include: AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, and USD, just to mention a few.
  4. The KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange
    The user is only able to pay for performed transactions through Bank transfer.

The acceptable fiat currencies amount to over 200 including: AUD, EUR, GBP, JPY, and USD among others.

Purchasing and Trading DENT: Things to Consider First

It would serve those interested with DENT to note the following things prior to actually buying the coin:

  1. Buy the app!
    It is a logical step to purchase the app if the user would want to get the optimal experience with DENT. Through this, he or she would be able to look more intently and deeper into the inner workings of the coin. Through this, the user would be able to decide whether to use DENT for mobile sharing or to just save the tokens.
  2. Adjustments in value
    It must be noted that DENT had adjusted its prices to ground itself and compete within the cryptocurrency market. It is completely natural for the value of the coin to increase without rendering the coin unusable.
  3. Competition is in the cards
    With its reputation catching steam, DENT had now accumulated some competitors. One comes from Sirin Labs’ blockchain which is geared to developing features that resemble DENT’s.

Buying and Selling DENT

With the various online exchanges already listed, a step-by-step discussion of how to buy a DENT coin is now in order.

  1. One needs to create an account in the exchange of choice to buy DENT.
  2. As DENT can only be bought through an exchange, the interested buyer would need to purchase either BTC or ETH. Afterward, he or she can already trade it for DENT through the aforementioned exchanges.
  3. The user would have to send coins from his or her wallet to the chosen exchange.
  4. The user’s account will then reflect the DENT coins the user had purchased. It may also be sent to the wallet address that the user created.