April 6, 2020 -

How to buy OmiseGO (OMG)


The OmiseGO platform is a universal cryptocurrency conversion platform that supports most forks. It works perfectly with electronic and fiat money. The platform allows users to successfully perform exchange operations.

OmiseGO allows buyers and sellers to interact comfortably. Transactions are performed almost instantly. Besides, the use of this platform allows you to save on commissions.

Key Features

OmiseGO operates based on the Ethereumblockchain. It’s a fairly young platform. It was only developed in 2017. The coin has a favorable rate and a significant level of capitalization.

OMG was released by Omise, the largest company on the market since 2013. Originally, the company has worked in countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Indonesia. Quite quickly, the coin gained popularity in the Pacific region as well as in Asia. Forbes presented the company as “Fintech Rockstar.”

The hallmarks of Omise are safety and reliability. Additional comfort for users is provided with the mobile version of transactions. Omise is a large-scale transnational project, which guarantees stable growth of OMG’s rate.

Blockchain Features

The developers made using OMG as comfortable as possible for users. The universal wallet takes into account all the needs of users. All fiat currencies within the system become available for an exchange for cryptocurrencies. The exchange process takes place in the shortest possible time. The key features specific to OMG are as follows:

Peer-to-peer transactions are performed through a virtual wallet.

Blockchain for confirming operations.

The network is scalable and effectively protects money transfers with Proof-of-Stake. Blockchain reduces transaction waiting times. This improves the quality and number of transactions. The service has managed to gain the trust of many users who use the platform to perform various calculations. Blockchain is fast. It is optimized, so it does not overload the network. Users can conveniently pay for their purchases with any cryptocurrency, even if it is not the most popular one. In this case, the seller will receive money in the currency of his country.

Among the advantages of OmiseGO are the following:

  • a high-performance system that significantly increases transaction speeds;
  • A scalable network allows you to enter a blockchain without permission from the outside;
  • automatic protection of operations with mandatory chain price rise;
  • simultaneously applicable SMS transmission system;
  • a unique opportunity to sell products and services through the formation of a gateway for digital assets;
  • the effective algorithm that controls the liquidity of financial instruments;
  • the complete absence of any centralization for fiat money and forks.

In general, the platform is high-quality and promising. Its capitalization is growing steadily. The coin is very popular among users.

OmiseGO (OMG) Wallet

The platform has one characteristic feature – a virtual SDK-type wallet with the “White Lebel” function, applicable for various financial transactions. The platform allows you to trade freely with any currency.

The wallet provides fast and reliable access to the OmiseGO gateway. The user can use virtual and credit cards. Owners of the SDK wallet can customize it to suit their business. Many applications allow you to create an acceptable design for yourself.

A characteristic feature of the SDK is the open protocol of operations. This function allows you to comfortably exchange between different wallets. Besides, the system effectively applies mobile communications to solve various problems.

OmiseGO (OMG) Mining

OMG emission was originally redistributed as follows:

  1. 20% – the reserve. 5% has already been spent on advertising.
  2. 5% – Airdrop transmission.
  3. 9,9% – developer’s money.
  4. 65.1% – implemented with the help of ICO.

OMG is an electronic stock, not a cryptocurrency in the usual sense. The profit of the system is distributed among the token holders, therefore, there is no mining on this platform.

How to sell OmiseGO (OMG)

There are various ways to buy and sell OMG tokens. You can solve this problem by using such services:

  1. Cryptocurrency exchanges. On such exchanges, you can quickly buy or sell the required volume of OMG on acceptable terms. The exchange rate of coins is different. It allows some traders to engage in arbitrage trading, i.e. to buy tokens on one platform, and immediately sell them on another. The obtained difference will make a profit.
  2. Peculiar cryptocurrency exchange points. Here you can buy OMG for fiat money. If you want to know how to buy OmiseGO (OMG) on such a platform, please read the instructions. These transactions are usually made in a few clicks.

The decision is up to you. If you need to know how to sell OmiseGO (OMG) and profit from it, learn how to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. Electronic assets are convenient financial instruments. High volatility attracts many traders from different parts of the world. OMG also acts as a reliable investment tool. This cryptocurrency is very promising. The exchange rate of the coin is likely to grow since no reissues are foreseen. It is an important advantage of OMG.