March 26, 2020 -

How to buy NEO


In 2014, China launched the history of NEO, the history of one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies. Back then, tokens were called Antshares. The developer of the new tokens was Onchares.

In connection with ICO and entering new markets, popular Chinese tokens became known as NEO by analogy with the name of the main character of the movie “The Matrix”.

Antshares tokens were immediately called “Chinese Ethereum,” since the principle of operation of Chinese tokens is almost identical to VitaliyButerin’sethereum.

Da Hong Fei, the founder of NEO, said that NEO coins are protected from fraud as much as possible.A limited number of NEO coins prevents the collapse of the project, its fate will not be similar to the well-known financial dotcom bubble in the 2000s.NEO tokens were developed for a smart economy, where it is possible to tokenize, sell, buy, exchange any asset, whether it is real estate, securities, precious metals or oil products.

The effect is as follows: the buyer, along with NEO tokens, takes ownership of the NEO-linked asset.

The operation of NEO tokens is associated with NEO GAS. The more NEO coins in the account, the more NEO GAS tokens accumulate in the trader’s account. The acquisition of GAS NEO can bring passive income to the trader.

Crypto beginners often do not know how to buy NEO.

Now it is difficult to buy NEO tokens directly, for example, for rubles or dollars. It is best to buy NEO tokens for bitcoins or ethereum.

NEO purchase algorithm:

  1. To buy NEO, you need to register on the LocalBitcoins website, having passed two-factor authentication. This reduces the risk of a trader becoming a victim of scammers.
  2. The next step of the algorithm is the purchase of BTC or ethereum on LocalBitcoins via WebMoney.
  3. Then you should also register on the Binance website, where it is also recommended going through a two-factor authentication procedure to protect yourself from fraudulent hacking.
  4. On the Binance website, go to the “Calculated cost”, select “Deposit”, copy the address of the Binance wallet.
  5. Go to LocalBitcoins. Transfer the address of the Binance wallet to LocalBitcoins.
  6. In the “Calculated Cost”on LocalBitcoins insert the required number of BTC. Money is transferred within 5-15 minutes.
  7. Choose a cryptocurrency pair NEO/BTC.
  8. Buy the required number of NEO tokens.
  9. Go to “Calculated Cost”. Enter “NEO.”

It is recommended to buy NEO for BTC or ETC, as the transaction fee is significantly reduced. 

The purchase of NEO is possible not only through LocalBitcoins but also on Telegram.  

Advantages of NEO

  1. Like other valuable tokens, the amount of NEO is limited. A total of 100 million coins were generatedbut only 50 million coins were put into circulation.The remaining amount in small parts is introduced annually to the market.
  2. One of the main advantages of NEO is its high speed, especially in comparison with ethereum. The NEO cryptocurrency platform can make 10 thousand transactions per second.The Ethereum platform handles 100 transactions per second.

However, the incredible speed of transactions is possible because the NEO platform is partially decentralized, unlike the fully decentralized Ethereum platform.

The creators of NEO believed that the idea of a smart economy, which underlies NEO, involves knowing information about prospective business partners. It will significantly reduce fraud risks.

  1. Accessibility of the NEO platform, as the platform operates due to popular programming languages. These are Java, C#,, F# and others.
  2. The possibility of mining without the acquisition of expensive mining equipment and energy costs.
  3. Since the NEO development company is collaborating with the Chinese authorities, the cryptocurrency project has government support. This cryptocurrency has a high level of capitalization.
  4. The NEO platform cooperates with modern business giants such as Microsoft, Alibaba, Ontology and others. NEO will continue its technical development and will always be an attractive long-term investment.
  5. The NEO project is well known in Asian markets. Now, it is conquering the American and European markets.  It is recommended to buy NEO tokens at a relatively cheap price, as this asset will become more expensive.

How to sell NEO

To know how to sell NEO, you should study information on how to buy NEO.

It is possible to sell and buy NEO not only on Binance but also on Bitfinex, Bittrex (on this platform, it is possible to buy only NEO/BTC), Criptopia, HitBTC. 

After buying NEO tokens, experienced merchants recommend withdrawing coins to an independent wallet and converting them into regular currency. The storage of GAS NEO makes it possible to receive passive income.

NEO tokens can be stored in special wallets, such as the official NEO-Gui wallet developed by Onchain, the popular NEO-Tracker web wallet, which is supported in Chrome and Edge browsers and allows you to receive GAS for storing NEO, as well as PeterLinX account wallet, which is approved by the NEO platform and can accumulate GAS for NEO storage.

How to profit from NEO

NEO tokens have gained popularity and occupy a permanent place in the ten most profitable and expensive cryptocurrencies in the world.NEO is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies.

High capitalization and stable growth in the long run suggest one of the real and easy ways to profit from NEO. You should buy NEO tokens with a long term perspective because these coins will become more expensive.

NEO holders have passive earnings because their wallets are credited with NEO GAS, which can be exchanged for another cryptocurrency or ordinary currency and withdrawn for use.