April 15, 2020 -

How to buy Metal (MTL)


Metal is a new asset in the market. However, the capital volume of MTL is 190 million dollars. By analogy with Bitcoin, Metal works based on blockchain technology. The developers have created a cryptocurrency based on the mechanism of Proof of Processed Payments. This mechanism helps identify users.

Metal (MTL) users have the opportunity to receive rewards for their actions. Every transaction or transaction to transfer nominal funds into MTL is accompanied by bonuses in the form of MTL coins. Also, bonuses are earned by purchasing metal for cryptocurrency.

The developers of the young cryptocurrency, creating a platform, took into account the success of the main digital currency. Specialists carefully studied successful cases and problems of Bitcoin. As a result, many nuances and problems faced by other cryptocurrencies in the process of their formation were taken into account. 

The creators of the cryptocurrency own the token and are actively developing a new set of trading tools that would help better develop small and medium businesses.

The cryptocurrency first entered the market in 2017. At the moment, MTL has good capital and high performance, but the service is still in beta, as not all instruments and functions have been launched.

Market analysts also emphasize that Metal is not another project created to attract funds for the development of a new payment system. MTL is a platform, which implies a variety of tools to improve trading processes. By developing MTL, the creators have eliminated the errors that befell Bitcoin, namely:

  • they’ve made it easier for novice players in the market to use the system.
  • they’ve introduced bonuses for newcomers to the platform.
  • they’ve secured the system against course surges.
  • they’ve enhanced the security and confidentiality of client data.
  • they’ve formed clear rules and principles for working with the system.

By removing controversial points, the developers of the cryptocurrency have set themselves the goal of creating the most convenient and simple platform. It will allow the company to win new customers and markets, as well as increase market confidence in the product.


How to sell Metal (MTL)

MTL’s weaknesses are hard to talk about. One of the biggest drawbacks is not a fully formed system. That is, experts cannot analyze the effectiveness of the platform until the creators complete the development. Nevertheless, the positive sides are already visible:

  • Convenient system for work with transactions;
  • Real-time account generation. For example, Bitcoin has delays in transactions;
  • Traders can make money with Proof of Processed Payments. When working with Metal, a client gets an opportunity to work with tokens while making purchases in the system;
  • Metal can be used to pay for purchases and services;
  • You can open bank accounts as well as manage your finances with credit and deposit lines;
  • Bonuses for operations in the system;
  • Loyalty programs inside the system.

Also, the creators of the system pay great attention to security. All client data and money transactions are protected by the security department.

The MTL course has a fairly smooth dynamic. By the end of 2017, the currency was rising rapidly. The biggest rise was observed at the level of $14. After that, the rate was declining rapidly. It should also be noted that the decline was slower than the rise. At the end of November, the trend began to grow. To date, Metal has a price of about 7 dollars for one coin.

Analysts make various forecasts. Although, in general, experts believe that the cryptocurrency will continue to grow. As of today, the capital of MTL is 190 million dollars, and forecasts for 2020 speak about the volume of capital in the amount of 500 million – 1 billion dollars. The rise of Metal is influenced by:

  • the launch of all system functionality;
  • advertising. Many traders do not know the platform, so they do not make deposits;
  • the trend towards the development of the cryptocurrency market in general. Now, more and more companies are launching payments in digital currency, thus increasing the strength of the market and its impact on the economy. MTL developers expect the currency to be actively used in the real environment, so Metal also depends on the new possibilities of the cryptocurrency market.

Another factor of influence is Bitcoin. The main cryptocurrency is at the peak of popularity. At the moment, Bitcoin is decreasing its performance compared to many digital currencies. However, investors are actively interested in its price – 11 thousand per coin.

Slow transaction processing, the risks of hardforks in the three most important mining pools will cause fear among investors and may lower the rate. Then MTL will have a significant advantage, as this currency has favorable trading conditions. Also, this currency is advantageous for the environment, which receives large volumes of demand, but low in supply. That is, the digital currency does not interact well with other goods.

The Metal web wallet is currently being tested, but users can create it for themselves via the official MTL website. Employees of the company say that the web wallet will open opportunities to work with accounts, as well as financial transactions of the client.

How can you buy Metal (MTL)? A trader can buy cryptocurrency on the cryptocurrency exchange. The stronger Metal, the more systems support the cryptocurrency. Not all exchanges offer an opportunity to buy currency for real money. Specialists advise paying attention to more popular digital currencies as insurance – Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

The procedure is as follows:

  • We buy Ethereum or Bitcoin on special monitoring websites;
  • Then we exchange it for MTL on the cryptocurrency exchange;
  • After that you can withdraw tokens from the cryptocurrency exchange to a web wallet.

How to sell Metal (MTL): for sale, the same mechanism works, but you have to use the opposite algorithm of actions. The creators of the system intend to expand resource capacities for the direct purchase of Metal for real money.