March 26, 2020 -

How to buy XRP


XRP is a cryptocurrency that is recognized as one of the most promising in the world. It can only exist on the Ripple network.

The Ripple system was initially developed as a payment system that transacts without any intermediaries. From a technical point of view, Ripple is a payment protocol that each participant in a payment system can integrate into his system.

Why to invest in XRP

All Ripple money transactions are executed at lightning speed, in real-time. This is one of the reasons why many status banks, like Bank of America, are testing its system.

Market analysts say that one day, the existing system of international payments SWIFT will be unnecessary, it will be replaced by Ripple. Besides, currency transactions in the Ripple system are much cheaper.

At the moment, the capitalization of Ripple exceeds $10 billion. Enthusiasts believe that shortly, the capitalization of XRP will double and exceed $26 billion.

The Ripple system works not only with cryptocurrency but also with ordinary currency, goods, metals.

The creators of XRP are constantly being blamed for the fact that tokens cannot be minted, they were extracted in advance. Currency transactions in the Ripple system gradually reduce the small amount of XRP coins. This means that XRP tokens will become more expensive.

How to buy XRP

  • XRP can be bought on the cryptocurrency exchange
  • XRP can be bought at cryptocurrency exchange offices

The purchase of XRP on the cryptocurrency exchange

Method number 1 is considered more reliable. XRP tokens can be purchased for rubles or United States dollars, hryvnias or euros. XRP is included in the lists of almost all cryptocurrency exchanges.

A cryptocurrency trader receives XRP to an exchange-registered account wallet. XRP coins can also be stored here. XRP tokens can easily be transferred to other crypto wallets or cryptocurrency exchanges.

Most often, cryptocurrency users prefer to trade on Binance or EXMO.

Binance cryptocurrency exchange is one of the largest and most reliable commercial platforms. The Binance website is available for users not only in English but also in Russian.

If you trade on Binance in small volumes not exceeding two bitcoins per day, the verification procedure on the trading platform is not required. This is one of the advantages of this exchange.

It is possible to deposit or withdraw funds to Binance through a VISA card, which accepts payments of all national currencies.

Often, Russian-speaking users choose to make sales transactions on EXMO, which is the largest cryptocurrency platform in Eastern Europe. EXMO is included in the list of 25 crypto exchanges by daily commercial turnover. The number of EXMO users is approaching one hundred thousand.

EXMO is available for users in twelve languages, including Polish, Ukrainian, Chinese, Romanian and German.

EXMO accepts deposits made with fiat money, including PLN, UAH, and RUB.

Potential buyers of cryptocurrency on EXMO should register on the platform’s website. The verification procedure is not required if you do not plan to conduct sales transactions through bank transfers, payment systems.

EXMO offers users wallets with the option to purchase XRP. To buy XRP, you should replenish your EXMO wallet account with RUB, EUR, USD. After passing the verification process, it is possible to replenish the wallet using Visa or Mastercard cards, replenishment can be carried out in EUR or USD. Replenishments by cards of Ukrainian banks can be made in UAH. Accounts in Russian rubles are replenished with the help of Qiwi or Yandex services. Advcash, Payeer and other payment systems can be also used.

GateHub is also popular among crypto traders.

The purchase of XRP at cryptocurrency exchange offices

Method number 2 is attractive for traders who prefer to choose a more favorable exchange rate. An electronic cryptocurrency exchange office is an intermediary in the purchase, sale or exchange of cryptocurrencies. Money cannot be stored here.Baksman, Kassa, X-Pay, Schang are the most reliable platforms.

How to exchange XRP

You can exchange tokens by replenishing the balance of your wallet. Then go to the “Exchange” section. Choose the direction of the exchange. For example, XRP for USD or RUB. It is possible to purchase XRP during trading. A trader can use a limit order and buy XRP at the current market price.

How to sell XRP

To sell XRP, we recommend that you study the material presented above. All actions related to the purchase of cryptocurrency should be applied to the sale.

Often, a cryptocurrency exchange can offer its option. For the presented list of currencies, certain methods of depositing and withdrawing funds are given. The dollar account is replenished by bank transfer or electronic payment systems such as Epay, Okpay, Payeer, Neteller.