April 7, 2020 -

How to buy Polymath (POLY)


There are many cryptocurrency projects, and each of them is designed to solve some pressing problems. The goal of the Polymath project is to tie together fiat assets in the form of securities based on blockchain technology. In other words, the authors of the project propose to perform “digitization” of traditional assets (“tokenization”). The features and advantages of this platform will be discussed in detail below.

Key aspects

The Polymath is a token release platform. It follows all legal procedures necessary to work with traditional financial assets. The result should be the so-called Security Token (ST). It will be legally equivalent to traditional securities. The platform creates a token that meets the requirements of financial regulators.

Traditional exchanges avoid electronic assets, as this leads to problems with regulators who will check the platform for full compliance with the law. The Polymath project aims to become the first platform where fiat and digital assets can legally meet.

The developers intend to create a full cycle of token supply, on the principle of ICO for ordinary cryptocurrencies. The procedure is called STO (Security Token Offering). The result is ST20 standard coins, which are 100% legalized by all requirements of financial regulators.

In general, the platform allows issuers of bonds, shares and other securities to tokenize assets for investors who have passed KYC. Polymath cooperates with the Selfkey platform, which provides investor identification services under the KYC regulations.

The issue of coins on this platform is characterized by flexible settings. For example, it is possible to adjust the size and schedule of payments to investors. You can also limit the number of users at the addresses of wallets and much more. All investors seeking to work with ST20 coins must undergo KYC.

Prospects of the project

You need to use POLY to pay for services on the platform. This token is designed on the ERC20 standard, so it can be stored on many wallets that support this format of cryptocurrencies.

The token is traded on many cryptocurrency platforms. It’s quite popular. On some stock exchanges, the token is available thanks to user voting. This directly indicates the high confidence of the participants of the cryptocurrency community in this coin.

The capitalization of POLY has almost reached 100 million USD. The developers of the project are a team of Canadian programmers, among whom there are a lot of well-known specialists with an impeccable reputation. Special attention deserves the marketing department, which conducts a fairly aggressive and effective campaign to promote the platform.

Polymath is a finished product, already used for the production of ST20 standard coins. This is a significant advantage of the project. The company did not conduct an ICO. Airdrop system was used for the distribution of coins. The developers raised funds through a private round for investors who passed the accreditation procedure. The developers managed to get 58.7 million USD.

The platform is quite promising. Developers have close ties with the SEC. The regulator seeks to control transactions with electronic assets. Also, the current token rate is attractive for investment. Soon, there is likely to be an increase in the number of coins. It means that the popularity of Polymath will increase. The company offers a working platform with the support of the issued coins: from conversion to blockchain to the implementation of the necessary legal aspects.

The most optimistic experts are confident that POLY may soon increase in price five times. The platform is not one of the scam projects. It is very relevant and useful. The world of electronic assets is developing, so the “tokenization” of fiat financial instruments will become more and more popular.

How to sell Polymath (POLY)

There are many ways to buy and sell POLY. You can solve this problem by using the following services:

  1. Exchange platforms. Here, users quickly buy or sell the right amount of POLY on market conditions. Please note that the token exchange rate varies on different exchanges. This enables arbitrage trading, that is, the purchase of coins on one platform and fast resale on another. The resulting difference can make an impressive profit, especially if the volume of resold currency is significant.
  2. Exchange services. These are websites where you can exchange one cryptocurrency for another. Here, you can also buy POLY for fiat money.  If you want to buy Polymath (POLY) here, please read the instructions and user agreement. Usually, this operation is performed in a few clicks.

If you want to know how to sell Polymath (POLY) and profit from it, we recommend that you learn the principles of trading on the stock exchanges. Electronic money is a convenient financial asset. High volatility rates attract users from different regions of the world. POLY also acts as a reliable investment tool. This coin is quite promising. The token rate is likely to grow as the platform is aimed at solving urgent problems.


Polymath is an interesting and ambitious project, which has practically no competitors. So far, nobody has managed to legally link traditional financial assets with electronic ones. We recommend that you pay attention to POLY. If the project becomes successful, investments in this cryptocurrency can be rather profitable.