April 21, 2020 -

How to buy Blockparty (BOXX)


Blockparty (BOXX) is designed for fans of cultural events and parties. According to the team, tokens have made a revolution in ticket sales. Blockparty fights the main problems in the industry – fake tickets and pricing fraud.

Blockparty specializes in ticketing for various events and uses blockchain to solve common problems in the ticketing industry. The platform aims to eradicate bots and eliminate fraud to ensure an optimal ticketing experience.

The technology attaches a ticket to the user’s personal data, which is stored in the Blockparty mobile application account. An event ticket can be activated using facial or fingerprint recognition features. Thus, the program confirms that the ticket was not stolen and that its owner used it.

The startup team has added various bonuses to the network, for which you can get a discount on a ticket, free merchant or win a personal meeting with your favorite artist or actor. Blockparty guarantees that only the real owner of the ticket can access it, while user identification remains completely anonymous.

Blockparty specializes in ticketing for various events

BOXX is an ERC-20 digital token created with a fixed delivery of 90 million (of which 20 million were in circulation at the start). They are designed for use in consumer blockchain applications including ticketing events, music, sports, eSports and streaming. BOXX is currently being used on the Blockparty platform for accounting.

To understand how to buy Blockparty (BOXX), you must know that a Blockparty Wallet is a separate Ethereum wallet designed exclusively for BOXX tokens and tickets purchased through Blockparty. Each user automatically receives the wallet upon registration. Users can view their Blockparty Wallet by logging into their user account on the Blockparty website. They can also view the available BOXX token balance in the Blockparty application. The tokens stored in this wallet are searchable through Ethereum Explorer.


There is an exchange, and brokers allow you to buy and sell by creating a Blockparty wallet (BOXX), a BOXX wallet. You can buy a BOXX Blockparty wallet directly from the stock exchanges/brokers, using VISA or Master Card, provided that your account is confirmed. However, verified accounts are extremely complicated and troublesome.

There is an easy way to buy Blockparty BOXX: You can buy it using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, USDT, etc. Please follow these steps to buy Blockparty BOXX:

  1. Open a trading account to receive Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin or USDT wallet. After that, you can find the wallet on the Deposit – Widthrawal tab on the website of the exchange.
  2. Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance Coin or Tether.
  3. Finally, use BTC/BOXX or BOXX/BTC, etc. pairs to buy Blockparty BOXX with a purchase/sale price.

You have to choose large scale exchanges that allow you to trade multiple cryptocurrency pairs. A very small fee may be charged for each transfer of coins from wallet А to wallet B

Steps to buy Blockparty BOXX

How to sell Blockparty (BOXX)

Crypto Wallet is a complex program. The wallet is used to store cryptocurrency, to transfer crypto coins, and also for payments. Crypto Wallet is defined mainly by simplicity, reliability and safety. The best Blockparty BOXX wallet has better reliability and better security. It analyzes all information about Blockparty BOXX token in all markets and provides the best trading offers for buying and selling.

Usually you need to look for the best exchange rate in the place where the best Blockparty BOXX purchase price was. For Blockparty BOXX the best rate is displayed in the table of all trading deals on the stock exchanges to date. Exchange rates for all trading pairs are converted into US dollars.

The best Blockparty BOXX Token sale price is displayed at the top of the page with the recalculated Blockparty BOXX Token price in dollars. Next to the best-selling price of Blockparty BOXX you will find a link to the exchange market where Blockparty BOXX was sold at the best price. The display of exchanges is usually sorted by the best rate for selling and buying BOXX Blockparty. The exchange rate is displayed in US dollars. You can see Blockparty BOXX transactions with another currency or crypt currency if you use filters of other currencies located above the table of the best cryptocurrency exchanges. The information is updated online and is constantly changing.