September 2, 2019 -

Deciding on a Good Bitcoin Exchange

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Looking for the best crypto exchange may prove challenging. There are a lot of Bitcoin exchange platforms out there. While this is the case, a lot of the providers don’t accurately advertise their services, much to the disadvantage of the Bitcoin buyer, of course. If you are concerned about purchasing Bitcoin safely, you need to read this review until the end. We offer the latest data on the subject.

When looking for the best crypto institution, the first thing you need to scrutinize, apart from privacy policies, are the exchanges’ server and website. A decent crypto service should offer data transparency of crypto assets in cold storage. Also, their portal should be accessible to access.

Secondly, you need to make sure that they support the most common currency pairs such as EUR, USD, as well as other fiat currencies. As a rule, trustworthy Bitcoin exchanges have lots of options to buy Bitcoin with altcoins and widespread currency pairs.

Choosing the Best Bitcoin Exchange in the USA

Numerous major crypto companies are headquartered in the United States. So, it’s no wonder that it’s not difficult to buy crypto assets in this country using almost any payment option, including bank transfers, credit cards, cash, or other crypto assets. If choosing an appropriate American crypto service puts you in a bind, we got your back. We have created a list of the most trustworthy crypto exchanges for you to review.


Perhaps purchasing through Coinbase is the easiest and fastest way to buy Bitcoin in America. For your debit card purchase, they’ll charge you 3.99%. In turn, digital coins will instantly be credited to your crypto wallet.

If you’re concerned about saving money on such fees, then you may want to use a connected bank account. In this case, you will have to give them no more 1.49%. However, such a generous fee discount has a rather painful consequence: the digital coins will only be credited within five days.

Here is an overview of Coinbase’s advantages and downsides.


  • Instant buying through a debit card
  • High buying and liquidity limits
  • An easy entrance to the crypto world for newcomers


  • They may closely watch your data, including where and how you spend your digital coins
  • Bank transfers are time-consuming


Coinmama lets people residing in any part of the world purchase BTC through a debit or credit card. Get ready to lose about 6% on each transaction if you decide to work with this platform.

If you live in Europe, you can take advantage of SEPA transfer that offers a moderate fee.

Let’s briefly enumerate the key advantages and shortcomings of this crypto exchange.


  • High trustworthiness and reliability
  • The highest limits to purchase BTC with a credit card
  • Accessible from any part of the world


  • Very high fees for debit and credit cards enables you to purchase BTC with a credit card, SEPA transfer, ACH bank transfer, AstroPay, and cash.

You can instantly access your digital coins if you pay with a credit card. Aside from the United States, the crypto exchange works in the European Union and also some countries in South America.

Let the following advantages and shortcomings help you decide whether you should work with or not.


  • 0.2% trading fee
  • Support for a great number of regions and countries
  • Good reputation


  • GBP market liquidity is quite mediocre
  • Troublesome verification

Coinbase Pro

If you ask us to enumerate the largest crypto exchanges in the American market, Coinbase Pro would certainly be included in the list. To deposit your account in this exchange, you may use a bank transfer, bank wire, or SEPA. They offer low fees and good prices, which is undoubtedly good if you want to save your money, although their interface can hardly be considered user-friendly.

Now let’s briefly enumerate Coinbase Pro’s pros and its singular downside


  • You can purchase BTC for a zero fee
  • Strikingly low fees for EU and US clients


  • The user interface requires improvement

Wall of Coins

Wall of Coins is an escrow service. It provides a venue for people to purchase BTC with cash deposits in the Philippines, Great Britain, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Australia, Poland, Latvia, Mexico, Romania, and the United States.

This exchange platform and escrow service offer low fees. Unlike its competitors, Wall of Coins lets its users buy BTC in private.

Here you can see the pros of this crypto exchange. Interesting to note, we haven’t found any cons. Perhaps, it’s the ideal crypto exchange that could sell you digital currency. It’s up to you to decide.


  • A private way to buy BTC, just provide your phone number
  • User-friendly interface


LocalBitcoins is another escrow service that acts as an intermediary between Bitcoin sellers and buyers. Cash deposit appears to be the most common method of payment here. However, the use of alternative payment methods is also possible.

If you’re looking for a special and fast way to purchase BTC, take advantage of their exclusive offer. You won’t spend your money in vain. By signing up with LocalBitcoins, you are provided with a secured, in-person meeting who would sell you the digital coins. They enable other users to sell crypto assets to you or vice versa.

This crypto exchange has an equal number of downsides and advantages. Let’s see what they can offer.


  • Fast purchasing with cash deposits
  • Anonymous in-person trades
  • Private, easy, and fast


  • Relatively high fees
  • Problematic purchase of large amounts of BTC
  • Vulnerability to scams


Gemini is headquartered in New York City. Its services are available for residents of Singapore, South Korea, Canada, Hong Kong, Great Britain, Japan, and the United States. You can deposit funds to your account via ACH transfer, wire transfer or SEPA. With consideration to the reliability, it’s a good choice.

Despite the crypto exchange being represented in many American states, if you are a US citizen, you need to check their areas of operation through their web page.

Now let’s briefly illustrate their key advantages and downsides.


  • Very low fees
  • Instant deposits
  • A good reputation


  • Partial availability in the USA
  • The platform is not entirely user-friendly especially to newcomers


As the name suggests, through BitQuick, you can speedily purchase BTC in America through cash deposits. This crypto exchange platform always informs its users of a good trading opportunity at a flexible price. A user can make a cash deposit at a bank. In only an hour, the coins will be credited to the recipient’s crypto wallet.

To help you assess, let us enumerate the pros and cons of this crypto exchange.


  • Greater security as the user sends his funds to a bank teller
  • Amazing speed


  • Prices vary greatly and can significantly differ from the crypto asset’s actual current price.
  • The fee is pegged at 2% – somewhat unfit for cash trading.


Established back in 2013, Kraken is one of the largest Euro-denominated Bitcoin exchanges across the globe when it comes to daily average trading volume. The platform works with deposits from such countries as the European Union, Great Britain, Japan, Canada, and the US. When it comes to making deposits, users can opt for SWIFT, bank wire, bank deposit (Japan), and SEPA.

In the case of Kraken, the pros outweigh the cons.


  • Regular reserve audits with available proofs
  • Great security
  • High reputation
  • Low fees, sometimes even reaching 0%
  • Substantial liquidity for large-volume EU customers


  • User-interface is not intuitive for inexperienced users
  • ID verification is required

Bitstamp Buy Bitcoin

Bitstamp Buy Bitcoin is one of the most well-known and largest cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. Here you can deposit via SEPA, bank transfer, international bank wire, credit cards.

As for the advantages and downsides of this financial institution, the pros slightly outweigh the cons.


  • A rich choice of altcoins
  • Prices are close to fair market rate because of deep liquidity
  • Tenured; one of the oldest crypto exchanges in the market
  • A decent choice of withdrawal and deposit options
  • An already low 0.25% fee sometimes drops to 0.1% depending on the trading volume


  • The trader-oriented resource can sometimes be convenient for newcomers
  • 8% fee for small credit card transactions
  • Vulnerability to hacker attacks


LibertyX is a highly user-friendly American cryptocurrency exchange tailored to cash operations. It’s so easy to get started with the company. First, you are required to use their mobile application to spot the nearest store selling LibertyX codes. Then you require entering the code to the mobile application alongside your crypto address. Soon you will obtain your digital coins.

If you want to make your first $1,000 transaction free, have your Facebook account connected to the app. Otherwise, get ready to deal with a 1.5%+$3 fee.

Sure, this cryptocurrency exchange has several indisputable pros, but they’re offset by the cons.


  • A fast and easy way to purchase BTC with cash in the market
  • Just 1.5% when buying for cash


  • A tedious verification process is non-negotiable.
  • Affected privacy due to attaching the user’s Facebook account


This platform was created to serve large volume clients whose needs amount to $10,000-$500,000. If you belong to this category of customers, you’ll be delighted by how this service works. The company navigates the user through the entire purchasing process but charges 4% of the entire cost per transaction. That’s the price the user has to pay for high-quality personalized assistance. However, the choice of payment options for Athena is narrowed only to bank wire.

Let’s consider the advantages as well as downsides.


  • High limits for newcomers
  • User-friendly to newbies


  • Relatively high fees