March 17, 2020 -

How to use Bittrex


Novice traders often ask: “Where is Bittrex located, and who was the founder of this crypto exchange?”. Bittrex crypto exchange appeared on the market in 2014. It was the result of a highly experienced team of cybersecurity specialists led by CEO Bill Shihara. Before starting his product, the creator of Bittrex worked for 11 years at Microsoft, working on the Windows operating system, was a security development manager at Amazon, and created malware protection and automation strategy for the BlackBerry ecosystem. Other employees of the company also have extensive experience in other IT corporations, in particular, in the field of security. 

When created, the exchange was called Bittrex. Initially, the project was planned and launched as a regular online exchange, but the enthusiasm and professionalism of the team helped it grow into a full-fledged exchange. Now, with the help of the Bittrex trading platform, users from all over the world make profitable transactions with cryptocurrency.

According to the Bittrex review, in the process of development, Bittrex became Bittrex International. From the new name, it is clear that the team strives to develop in an international direction, providing services to customers from all over the world. The next step may be to translate the website into other international languages. 

Before proceeding to the registration on the website, which is necessary to create an account and start working with the exchange, we note the high-quality and visually attractive interface. Everything is concise and without distracting details. Sections structure the information on the website, and even if the user does not speak English, she will intuitively understand the registration, account replenishment, and trading process. Now, you know how to use Bittrex. 

How to buy on Bittrex

The sale and purchase of currency activities are performed using the Sell and Buy buttons, respectively. First of all, the trader specifies a currency pair, clicking on which opens additional information, which displays a graph of the dynamics of the exchange rate and other values for this pair. Under the chart, there is a section with orders, using which the user buys or sells a digital asset. 

To create an order, you need to specify the order type, price, and many coins. Also, do not forget about the exchange’s commission on transactions, which is 0.25% regardless of the volume. For maximum profit, considering Bittrex fees, it is better to give preference to highly liquid assets, that is, those that can be quickly sold at a price close to the price on the market at the time of the transaction. There is no referral program on Bittrex, so cryptocurrency trading is the only source of income. 

Separately, it is worth noting the convenience of the trading platform. It has an advanced, next-generation interface and user-friendly, detailed information on the open pair: charts with different timeframes, network statistics, trading volumes, etc. A big advantage of the trading platform is its convenient, easy-to-read, and customizable custom charts. Now, you know how to buy on Bittrex. 

There is a column for quick switching between trading pairs. Under the price chart, there is a panel for creating orders. This visual solution allows you to assess the volume of buy and sell orders immediately. The trading platform can be used in a day or night mode: switch using the icon in the upper right corner of the toolbar. Thus, this cryptocurrency exchange will contribute to an efficient trade of both novice and experienced traders.