November 16, 2021 -

What is Dragonchain

What is Dragonchain

Dragonchain is a cryptocurrency that allows the capacity of blockchain to be used at its full capacity, without the disadvantages of the two Bitcoin and Ethereum tops. This cryptocurrency was created by Disney. Its main task is to provide services to companies to provide blockchain solutions at the corporate level. The advantage of this platform is that it is accessible to a large number of users from other countries. This is because the platform with different programming languages and platform code is open. The system corresponds to the latest trends of crypto-synth, as it is built on the basis of Ethereum smart contracts, but has advantages over the latter because its capabilities are limited by the use of the Solidity programming language. The Dragonchain platform has improved the performance and ease of use of blockchain technology. Therefore, enterprises can create deployed blockchain solutions in a matter of minutes.

How does Dragonchain work?

DragonChain consists of three parts: blockchain platform, incubator and market:

  • The platform is the main workspace where developers can create and store Smart Contracts. DragonChain supports many programming languages, unlike Ethereum.
  • Second, it is an incubator, a level at which companies, especially startups, work on their blockchain projects. Once completed, the facilities can be opened for review, redesigned and displayed to be scalable to a global investor crowd at DragonChain.
  • Marketplace serves as a library for platform users, as they can use thousands of talents by browsing smart contracts that were previously developed and completed.

The new open-source DragonChain network increases the trust of its users by adding dimensions to the basic blockchain model. Consensus within the DragonChain platform has a high standard.

What is Dragonchain

What will the currency look like in the future?

The decentralized cryptocurrency Dragon Coin (DRG) is used by casinos abroad. Aware of the prospect of gambling development, Dragon immediately assessed the advantages of introducing blockchain technology into the game world and built reliable relationships with foreign operators of VIP casinos – players who are the driving force of the gambling market. The DRG cryptocurrency is the ideal alternative for usual financial settlements in the casino. Dragon Coin ensures high transaction speed, transparency and reliability, and eliminates all intermediaries. As a result, both casino players who do not have to make unnecessary movements are satisfied, as well as casino operators who save time for financial reporting and can quickly track any transaction, if necessary confirm it to the regulators.

The blockchain platform – what is it?

In literal translation, blockchain is a continuous chain of blocks. It contains all records of transactions. Unlike regular databases, you cannot edit or delete these records, you can only add new ones. Blockchain is also called distributed registry technology because the entire transaction chain and the current owner list are stored on their computers by many independent users. Even if one or more computers fail, the information does not disappear. What is the importance of blockchain: businesses depend on data. The speed and accuracy of data are crucial. Blockchain is ideally placed to provide such information, as it offers verification services members instant, common and fully transparent access to information in a fixed registry. The blockchain network allows tracking orders, security payments, accounts, goods and much more. And since all participants have common access to a single source of reliable data, you can review all transaction information at any time to work with greater confidence and gain new benefits and capabilities.

Where do I start refilling my purse?

In cryptocurrency, no one can influence your account, put a ban on it, write off the money or tokens. No one will even realize that you carried several billion dollars across the border in your purse.

The funds are all yours, so there are responsibilities and possible consequences. In case of error there is no one to blame. There is no technical support. If you end up stealing money – hackers, for example – you can’t go to the police.

Online purse is the optimal balance between protection and convenience of use. For larger sums, it is necessary to use cold and hardware purses. Online purses are for trading, for quick access, but not for storage. This includes exchanges. It is convenient and safe to store a cryptocurrency on the Tokenexus platform.


Companies or individuals can create intellectual contracts on a Dragonchain notebook, and this progresses as easier for developers to work by supporting existing coding languages.