September 2, 2019 -

Easy Steps to Buy Bitcoin


BTC is a peer-to-peer digital electronic currency purposely developed for multi-purpose use. That’s the first digital asset that works without centralized governance. Bitcoin is a pioneer crypto asset with the largest market capitalization.

If you are interested in getting definite financial benefits from this promising financial asset with great market future, then you are going to need some tips. You can find suitable methods to buy BTC here below. We have collected relevant data on the subject.

How to Buy BTC: An Easy Guide

Before you acquire Bitcoin with high security, ensure you first download a specialized wallet to store this asset. For this purpose, you can utilize reputable resources such as Coinbase or Alternatively, you can make use of corresponding mobile applications for iOS or Android devices. No matter what you choose, you will require filling out a brief form with your pertinent details. The form provided doesn’t differ a lot from what’s offered by most commercial financial institutions.

Let’s Buy BTC Cash

BCH or Bitcoin Cash came into existence in 2017 as a result of a split in the Bitcoin blockchain. The emergence of such a digital asset was predetermined by constant debates between crypto users as well as numerous points of view regarding the future of Bitcoin’s mass adoption.

If you want to purchase BCH, you have first to secure a BCH wallet. You have to determine your BCH address as it will be used for transactions. Finally, you need to choose a suitable BCH crypto exchange online, make the required transaction in your account and have the asset withdrawn from your crypto wallet.

How to Buy BTC Anonymously

There are a lot of reasons why a significant number of people are willing to purchase Bitcoin anonymously. One of the major primary reasons why is that stricter crypto-related laws are rapidly being adopted by many governments worldwide. Not so long ago, governments didn’t have such a concern as crypto assets. Today, the vast majority of countries come up with corresponding laws regulating or even banning crypto assets.

All this makes crypto enthusiasts pay much attention to transaction privacy. If you are a Bitcoin buyer or seller, it would be best to be extra cautious. Always bear in mind that the Internet is flooded with both government agents and hackers. The tips below will help you find resources with the decent privacy policy. This will be a quick read.

Buy BTC with a Prepaid Card

With a prepaid card in hand, you would be able to purchase BTC anonymously and quickly. For this purpose, you need to take advantage of peer-to-peer exchanges. Through these resources, you can find more than enough folks who managed to become the first Bitcoin users when it was worth even less than $1,000. They would like to have their BTC swapped for something you might already have.

No ID? No Problem! Buy the Required Amount of Bitcoin with PayPal Even

If you like the thought of buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or other crypto assets instantly and without ID verification, we can assure you that it’s possible to do so through PayPal. Just take advantage of LocalBitcoins – a company with a decent policy.

The platform doesn’t buy or sell Bitcoins. Instead, it acts as an intermediary with great support between folks wishing to do so. LocalBitcoins is a severe platform with a decent reputation that boasts of thousands of secure transactions made daily. Come to their portal to learn more and start your transactions. LocalBitcoins has a mobile version of its resource.

Purchase BTC with credit card no verification

If you are eager to acquire the most popular cryptocurrency with your payment card with a possibility to skip the unwanted verification process, you need to utilize corresponding stock exchanges online.

Here’s a brief list of such exchanges. All of them are trustworthy and reputable, so you can stick with any of them and start making your purchases:

  • Indacoin: It enables you to purchase BTC through any bank worldwide.
  • Сoinmama: Here you are allowed to purchase BTC only for the first $150. To go beyond this limit, you need to register.
  • Wall of Coins: Here you are required only your phone number to register. Your passport data is not needed.

Buy BTC with Amazon Gift Card

Gift cards have become an accepted payment means worldwide. If you also own a gift card, for example, Amazon’s, you can successfully use it to purchase BTC on popular platforms such as LocalBitcoins and Paxful. It’s effortless to create an account through these channels. Also, you can make purchases from your mobile device.

These platforms will enable you to reach out to folks who can potentially offer you great deals. More than enough deposit methods for your transaction will be at your disposal. However, what you probably value most is that they let you do it completely anonymously. Many people consider peer-to-peer platforms to be the future of the financial world because these exclude the need for government sanctions and can offer a reasonable fee.

Buy BTC with a bank account

If you’re one to spend a large sum to buy BTC, doing it via a bank transfer would be a rational option, especially in terms of security. It will be a bit time-consuming compared to a card purchase. Nevertheless, it makes sense for serious clients. Such people have nothing to hide and accordingly ready for the complete verification procedure. In this case, you will have to reveal your personal information.

Utilizing bank transfers to purchase BTC can save you money as such services charge fewer fees compared to payment card purchases. Therefore, feel free to buy crypto assets this way.

Buy BTC with a Credit Card

Buying BTC with a Visa or MasterCard is becoming common these days. People especially appreciate the low fees of this method, with the issue of anti-fraud companies resolved chargebacks. Now more crypto exchanges support payment cards as payment means. As such, it makes sense to consider this option to pay for your coins.

If you still doubt whether you should purchase crypto assets with a payment card or not, let us entice you with these premises:

  • Low fees: Most crypto exchanges charge no more than 3.5% for a transaction.
  • Great convenience: MasterCard and Visa are welcome
  • Speedy transactions: Crypto assets will be in your wallet in 10 minutes.

Buy BTC with a Debit Card

Today the need for a Bitcoin payment card is getting increasingly evident. Such reputable companies as Whole Foods, Subway, KFC Canada, Virgin, and many others already accept the most popular crypto asset.

In fact, a typical Bitcoin debit card has much in common with a traditional debit card used by many folks to transfer money via ATMs. You can have your payment card funded by Bitcoin and convert it to the required fiat asset, which is highly convenient for shopping.

If you are searching for a reliable way to make Bitcoin payments daily, the use of a payment card is what you need. What’s more, you have the freedom to choose between a physical card and a virtual one that is undoubtedly more convenient. Penetrating the crypto world has never been easier.

Finding the Safest Way to Purchase Bitcoin

Everybody is eager to learn how to purchase BTC. However, not everyone gives precedence to security .

Perhaps, you feel yourself to be a newbie in the cryptocurrency world and do not want to lose your precious digital coins. For you not to fall victim to fraudulent sellers, follow these simple steps:

  • Ensure you have a secure Wi-Fi connection.
  • Pick up a trusted and reliable crypto exchange for your transaction.
  • Make sure you aren’t dealing with a phishing website.
  • Make use of two-level authentication process in your account.
  • Purchase the required amount of BTC.