September 2, 2019 -

The Top Ways and Reasons Why You Should Buy Ethereum Immediately

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Ethereum (ETH) is a type of blockchain technology that allows you to track the entire transaction history between users. This coin is protected by a large number of computers that make up a network of equipment and process data for all transaction options. Today, ETH is the second most popular virtual currency in the world after Bitcoin (BTC). Therefore, this coin can easily be purchased in exchange for real money or other virtual currency assets. To buy BTC or ETH, holders of these cryptocurrencies can freely communicate with each other and exchange all the necessary information without any intermediaries.

Any transaction options with ETH is final and cannot be canceled in any way. In other words, if you had a deal for the sale of your cryptocurrency and, at the same time, entered the recipient details incorrectly, it is impossible to cancel such a transaction. ETH saw the light of the digital world in 2015, and its original value was less than 1 US Dollar. Up until 2017, the value of the currency consistently showed steady growth. The maximum amount that ETH presented on the crypto market was fixed in 2018 at the level of $ 1,400 for one coin. Nevertheless, just a few months after its peak price, this coin made a tremendous fall with its price plummeting to $85 per coin. Despite this, ETH continues to be one of the most optimal financial and investment instruments that should be considered in 2019.

It goes without saying that before investing funds in one or another cryptocurrency, any investor needs to assess how relevant the technology on which the blockchain is working and what unique advantages each coin can bring to you in the long run. That is why many experienced investors pay attention to such indicators as the market capitalization of some currencies, the share of venture capital in investments and the volume of daily trading between coin holders on exchanges.

How to Buy ETH

Buying ETH is as easy as buying BTC. To do this, you need to register on one of the ETH exchanges that you prefer and make a purchase or a sale of this coin. After you get the necessary quantity of Ethereum coins, you need to think about where and how you plan to store them. We recommend that if the amount of coins purchased is rather small, you can save them directly on the exchange where they were bought. In this case, you will be able to significantly facilitate for yourself all subsequent operations for the transfer of this coin or the purchasing of altcoins.

If you originally bought a large number of ETH, according to statistics from more experienced traders, you should keep cryptocurrency in unique ETH wallets. Besides, there are alternative and natural ways to buy ETH without having to think about where to store this coin. One of the most prominent examples is the buy-sell CFD trading platform which allows you to purchase currencies.

Should I Purchase ETH?

Considering the coin as an investment tool, it is worthwhile imagining various scenarios that can occur with a given currency and also how its price can vary. After analyzing this information, any investor would be able to determine if buying this coin is still relevant. In essence, ETH itself would have to ensure a considerable quantity of micropayments between holders around the world. At the same time, any restrictions on the range of transactions, volume, and time frames will be absent. Is this technology exciting and relevant to modern society? Of course. There is no doubt about it.

That is why we can safely conclude that in the coming years, the price of this virtual currency will undergo significant changes. However, it should be understood that as soon as the company achieves its ultimate goal and get to introduce its technology across the globe, the value of the coin itself may collapse to zero. However, the road up to this point can take years and, accordingly, competent investors will be able to earn significant sums of funds during this time. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and the price of such a coin may change under the influence of the arrival and departure of large investors. However, its growth prospects are very high.

Besides, one should understand at what stage the development of this technology is at the moment. Significant updates that programmers had to develop for this blockchain were never released. With these updates, company management wanted to reduce the range of tokens, thereby enhancing the network bandwidth for more operations. Such updates carry both possible risks and possible benefits and advantages for their holders.

If there is any failure in one of the updates of this software, then this will be a real nightmare for all users. On the other hand, every update can be a real discovery and will bring significant profits to its owners. That is why investors perceive such an asset as ETH as a more risky option. However, the potential to earn through this coin is much higher than that of BTC.

How to Buy Ethereum

The whole process of buying this coin will be determined by the exchange you choose to conduct this operation. Despite the large variety of exchange markets, their working functions and general payment method are mostly the same. However, it is more convenient to use some exchanges for new traders, while others are designed directly for experienced and active investors. Nevertheless, the buy and sell options of this virtual currency are safe and are straightforward operations resembling regular payments carried out on the Internet. The first action one should do on the site of any crypto exchange is to proceed with the registration procedure of an account.

Some exchanges, in turn, may require you only to provide a personal email address to register on a service. Others may request the provision of a more extensive package of documents proving your identity. Take care of register service in advance so that you do not have to wait for additional time when you decide to replenish your profile or withdraw funds from it. In such cases, the exchange will require you to identify yourself.

The client identification process is one of the essential ways to protect exchanges from fraudsters and prevent money laundering operations. That is why the user needs to confirm his/her mobile phone, address, and provide some ID cards. Then you will need to choose in what way you plan to transfer money to your profile. To date, such a payment method could look like:

  • Bank transfer;
  • SEPA company facilities;
  • Credit or debit cards;
  • PayPal or Skrill Payments.

Remember that some exchanges allow their customers to make instant money operations buying more cryptocurrencies with cards. Nevertheless, even among the top-rated exchanges, some need a certain amount of time to perform this basic operation while using credit cards; this must be taken into account when making trades. After the money is credited to your profile, you can obtain ETH in the required quantity.

How to buy ETH with Credit Cards on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Today, users from all over the world can successfully obtain the required quantity of a given coin using a credit or debit card issued by any bank. The process should be as follows:

  • Register on one of the crypto exchange exchanges;
  • Provide all the necessary data about you as a user;
  • Choose a credit or debit card as an option to replenish your profile;
  • Fund the required amount;
  • Once your funds appear in the account, purchase the necessary quantity of this coin and put it in classic Ethereum wallets.

This method of buying Ethereum using a credit card is virtually universal for all bank systems of the world. If the provision of personal data for you proves to be a complicated process or you do not have an ID at hand, you can find a considerable range of new boards that provide such facilities without submitting any documents. In this case, you only need an email address and no other data such as a credit card or a bank bill.

How to Buy Ether with PayPal on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Even though today, there are a considerable number of popular ways and options on how to obtain this coin using PayPal. We recommend considering the method of purchase with a peer-to-peer exchange on the LocalEthereum service. Passing through the registration and creating your account on this service is free and can be executed almost instantly. In this case, the use of this important service is available across all countries.

On the platform’s website, before you can buy Ethereum, you will first need to select PayPal as the method of depositing funds. After that, you can find a lot of sellers who propose to obtain a coin at different market rates. At the same time, it is not important from what state the seller of this coin will be if you are satisfied with the course and the quantity he/she sells. Also, you can evaluate each particular seller by the range of transactions that each had already completed. This popular option will help to more clearly understand how experienced the seller is. Besides, if you see a classic lightning icon next to the seller’s name, this means that the user can respond very quickly to your request to sell the coin. This, in turn, is a handy tool if the crypto market is volatile.

After you have decided from which seller you want to purchase the coin, you need to understand how many coins you are ready to buy. Also, keep in mind that each seller may have additional trading conditions, and some of them will require you to provide any personal documents that will verify your identity. However, such requests are infrequent and therefore should not be a cause of worry.

Before the transaction between you and the seller begins, you will need to connect into a general chat in which the seller will provide you with top information about a PayPal account where you will need to transfer money. The process of funds transfer is instantaneous, and you will immediately get access to the number of coins purchased. This option to buy Ethereum seems much more comfortable than using a credit card.

How to Purchase ETH or Ethereum Classic for Cash

This request is relevant for residents of those countries in which the service of bank transfer or funding from credit and debit cards are in some way challenging. It is not necessary to put down the entire list of such countries, but if you understand that the purchase of this coin using cash is more vital for you, be sure to look into the following recommendation.

Despite the various financial restrictions imposed by regulators in multiple countries, today, the purchase and storage of cryptocurrencies can be carried out entirely anonymously and with the help of cash. One of the options is anonymous trading using the LocalEthereum company. Through this, the user has the opportunity of buying and selling cryptocurrencies through the help of various financial instruments, including cash.

Users can directly agree on the venue and exchange cash for cryptocurrency. At the same time, for the buyer to be sure that the seller is reliable, all users can see the performance of each particular seller on the platform. It is primarily about the number of transactions and feedback from other customers. Although this is not the only platform where you can exchange cash for the crypto, this popular company has proven itself to be very reliable for customers on top of the reasonable privacy policy.

To date, to buy a particular coin, you can use various options that the user can choose at his/her policy. Nevertheless, most experienced players have enjoyed the benefits of the most popular boards while making the privacy choice between the conditions of cooperation and the number of commissions that they will have to pay for any trading operation.