September 10, 2020 -

How to determine hashing power

How to determine hashing power

Hashrate or hashing power are not familiar words for an average person. Many people don’t know what it is and Google it. Naturally, the question “How to determine hashing power?” is even less familiar than “What is it?”.

How to determine hashing power

Hashrate: What is it?

Hashrate or hashing power is a unit that can describe how powerful certain devices are. There are different kinds of mining, but you need to understand hashrate to understand how much cryptocurrency you can earn. This unit can help you to determine how fast some mathematics operations are.

Here, you need to understand the theory behind it. The main task of mining is to find hash. If this task is completed, a user gets some coins. Hashrate is the unit that describes how many hashes this farm or computer can get.

Hashrate can influence your financial result. All cryptocurrency that a pool gets is divided between members depending on their contribution percentage. That’s why if you have a bigger hashrate, you get more money.

How is hashrate calculated?

There is a lot of raw data that goes to the miner. After that, a program tries to calculate the right hash according to the complicated rules. It can look different depending on a hashing algorithm. Computing power affects the speed at which these correct hashes are found.

Hashrate depends on the computing power, coin characteristics, difficulty of the task (that increases as more coins are mined).

How can you get the hashrate of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?

There are a lot of services with a convenient interface where you can find expected income from a certain pool on your device. You can easily find them using a prompt «mining calculators» in your search system.

Every calculator is created for a certain cryptocurrency. For example, Bitcoin Mining Calculator can help you understand the potential profit from Bitcoin mining.

You can determine your hashing power very easy:

  1. From the devices which have been created for mining. You can get this information on the website. It also varies among manufacturers because similar characteristics can have different transaction speed. You’d better not trust them completely because manufacturers can give a better sounding information with a goal to sell video cards or other mining equipment.
  2. Practical method: using your graphics processor. Information about hashing power is demonstrated on the screen by the mining program.

Unfortunately, you can’t always apply the second method because it is impossible to test mining equipment in the shop. All you can know is the official information.

What factors affect hashrate?

How to determine hashing power

Not only device characteristics can affect hashing power. There are other reasons why hashrate can decrease:

  1. Type of connection. You should connect the GPU to a fast port. If you use a lot of graphic processors, you need to use risers. The quality of them is also an important characteristic and can make mining speed lower.
  2. Operation system. The lowest hashing power is in Mac devices due to the impossibility to optimize the process and very slow hardware. The best operating system for mining is Linux. You can set it up the way you want.
  3. Pool specifications. Every pool has its specific features of working. Some of them decrease the speed in the program because they want to grab some money.
  4. GPU temperature. The best temperature is about 65 Celsius degrees.
  5. The difficulty of the mining.

To sum up, it is not so hard to determine hashing power. Increasing the hashing power is significantly harder.