November 20, 2020 -

Satoshi Nakamoto: Bitcoin’s Mysterious Founder

Satoshi Nakamoto: Bitcoin's Mysterious Founder

Satoshi Nakamoto is a very popular person. No one knows who he is, but he managed to do a revolution in global finances. He was able to create Bitcoin – the first cryptocurrency that was a base of all other digital coins and created the industries of mining and cryptocurrency trading.

Satoshi Nakamoto: Bitcoin’s Mysterious Founder

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? What do we know about him? Can his example be a real inspiration for a lot of other cryptocurrency developers? This is a very interesting topic. Let’s explore it more.

Is Satoshi one person or is it a group of people?

Today, we don’t absolutely know whether Satoshi Nakamoto is one person or not. All attempts to uncover his name were unsuccessful. However, this is a real developer who started a new age of digital money exchanging.

On October 31st, 2008, Satoshi wrote an article about Bitcoin and how it works. The first wallet for Bitcoin was created in 2009. That year, the Bitcoin network was launched.

The quality of anonymization was perfect. He used TOR-network and other methods to become anonymous. He said that he was born in 1975 and lives in Japan. Still, we don’t know if this information is correct or not. There are a lot of ideas that Satoshi lives in an English-speaking country because his English is perfect and software wasn’t localized in English.

Satoshi Nakamoto: Bitcoin’s Mysterious Founder

Now, the Bitcoin project isn’t managed by Satoshi Nakamoto. At the same time, there are a lot of opinions that Satoshi has Bitcoin and manages this network. We don’t know that by 100%.

The most popular versions about Satoshi Nakamoto personality

Nick Sabo

The first version was that Satoshi Nakamoto is Nick Sabo – the specialist in the cryptography sphere. We think this because he published the information about Bit Gold cryptocurrency which is considered to be a Bitcoin pre-coin. However, all evidence wasn’t direct. For this reason, we didn’t know who he is exactly. All people who were considered as Satoshi Nakamoto were called Satoshi only on the basis of a small number of proves that weren’t 100% right.

Dorian Nakamoto

On March 6th, in the Newsweek Journal, the article about Japanese American Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto was published. However, sometime later, Dorian said that this information is false. But who knows if it is actually so?

Craig Stephen Wright

On December 9th, 2015, police searched evidence about illegal actions made by Craig Stephen Wright. Some journalists said that this person is the real Satoshi Nakamoto. According to the journalist’s words, Wright gave digital signs created with cryptographic keys for the first Bitcoin operations. This evidence was very similar to the truth. Later, specialists realized that this ‘evidence’ can be created by any person using the open data from Bitcoin Blockchain. Unfortunately, he couldn’t prove his words better. After some time, all recordings about Bitcoin made by him were deleted.

Other versions

In 2011, Joshua Davis wrote in his article that he managed to find who the most realistic Satoshi Nakamoto was. The number of people who were considered as potential Satoshi was two. They were a sociologist and a student, but they declined all words about their affiliation with this person.

The proves were very realistic. All of them jointly filed a patent application that used the term “computationally impractical reversion”; this phrase is also present in the white paper of Nakamoto. Only three days later, the domain name was registered. However, this fact can be only an interesting coincidence, but not a chain of facts built in the logical order.

One more interesting version about who Satoshi Nakamoto is is the version created in May of 2013. Ted Nelson thought that Nakamoto was really a Japanese scientist named Shiniti Motizuki. He declined these words, but Ted couldn’t give the real proof about the source of these words.

There were a lot of versions of Satoshi Nakamoto’s personality. The version about Satoshi Nakamoto being affiliated with the drug business is also very creative. It is possible, but the number of facts is even smaller than all previous ones. Some people tried to understand what his nickname meant. They tried to find underwater rocks in his date of birth.

Although the Bitcoin community has lost its leader, this fact could make Satoshi one of the most secret persons in the world. The very strange fact was the perfect English of this person, but we don’t fully understand who he really is. Some people say that Satoshi had great English, but it wasn’t his native language. Maybe, time will uncover these secrets.