November 27, 2020 -

TomoCoin: What is it?

TomoCoin: What is it?

We can’t say that Tomocoin is a unique token for making payments. At the same time, this cryptocurrency is something more than a payment method. This is a social network. Among other social networks, it has a lot of advantages.

TomoCoin: What is it?

The first of them is that it is a scalable coin. It can process significantly more transactions, and this fact increases the level of use of these smart contracts. Tomocoin creates a decentralized financial infrastructure for applications with improved volume and speed of transactions with minimal spendings. To achieve this goal, this token uses its own protocol and token.

The Blockchain that is the base of Tomocoin is called ‘Tomochain’. This cryptocurrency supports decentralized applications and smart contracts and instant confirmation. Also, this cryptocurrency offers the most minimal commissions for transactions with smart-contracts.

Tomochain is an element with improved characteristics at this moment. This development has been tested and showed excellent results.

The next feature that is unique in comparison to other similar projects is the smart Tomoapp application.

Information about the application

Tomoapp is an application based on Tomochain. This program is a version of a Q&A social network based on Blockchain technologies. An integration in the application allows users of Tomowallet to get a reward from other users for a useful contribution to the Tomocoin content. Also, Tomoapp has thousands of active users, and this software is freeware. You can download it from the App Store and Google Play.

Information about Tomowallet

TomoCoin: What is it?

Let’s describe some features of Tomowallet:

  1. It allows users to keep TomoCoin, Ethereum, and all other cryptocurrencies safely.
  2. Users can send TomoCoin, messages, other coins and tokens to friends or other people.
  3. It has a specialized API for applications and bots.

Information about the team

The date of the creation of Tomocoin is 2018. Now, this project continues to develop. The idea was born at the beginning of 2017. An interesting fact is that 90% of the ideas aren’t successful. It makes the idea of creating Tomocoin unique. That’s why this cryptocurrency is popular in the world. Even journalists take interviews about this cryptocurrency. That fact makes it similar to Bitcoin, which is also an object of journalists’ attention. An extremely high level of interest in this coin is in Singapore and China.

About partners

This project is collaborating with other cryptocurrency projects such as NEO, HyperChain, and others. This fact guarantees that this token has a future because all of these companies managed to create very famous tokens.

Some conclusions

Blockchain technologies are becoming more and more popular. The social networks are developing because the pandemic created a new trend, that is distance technologies. It means that more and more online projects will be created.

Since the project described in our article was developed in Singapore, the prospects are high. However, real investments are always associated with risks. You also need to understand this. This coin is only developing, and now, it isn’t so attractive. In the future, though, it can be.