October 16, 2020 -

Top 15 Best Blockchain Companies in 2020

Top 15 Best Blockchain Companies in 2020

There are a lot of companies that do their activity in the blockchain sphere. It isn’t such an easy task to choose the best one because they can be scammers or don’t work effectively. Which of these companies can be competitive and bring real value for their partners? We created a list of organizations that are popular, effective and have been working in the blockchain area for many years. Also, they have a real impact on the world and the cryptocurrency sphere.

What do blockchain companies do?

Usually, blockchain companies develop different solutions for individuals, startups, and huge businesses. For example, they can work in spheres such as:

  1. Decentralized applications developing. These are computer or mobile applications based on blockchain technologies. These software companies consist of programmers and specialists who create an advertisement for their work. Also, they can create software and online wallets.
  2. Hardware creation. For example, it can be hardware wallets, ASIC, and other equipment for cryptocurrency.
  3. For example, these are financial companies that help banks create an investment strategy.
  4. Investment companies. The difference from the previous type is in creating prepared investment products with a certain percentage of profitability.

The blockchain technologies are very different. That’s why there are a lot of other spheres of blockchain company activities. Let’s consider the best blockchain startups and the developed companies who managed to be competitive or promising.

The list of popular blockchain companies

Let’s describe some popular companies that meet the criteria given above:

  1. This company was created in New York. Now, it is developing decentralized applications and invests money into companies and startups around the world.
  2. This company was created in India. It provides services in the sphere of automatization around the world. It is a winner of Blockchain Week, which was in 2017. This organization consults and helps the best companies around the world.
  3. This company has been working in this sphere for more than 10 years. That’s why it is so effective. It created a platform for organizations and implements the technologies, such as AI, IOT, and different cloud services. It helps organizations with different steps of their life: startups and developed companies.
  4. Hashcash Technologies. This is a company that provides different services to companies around the world. It helps them to make payments in cryptocurrency and invest money correctly. Also, this organization developed its own exchange to make operations in cryptocurrency more universal and easy.
  5. This company was created in 2004. It had been a significant player in the digital segment before the Bitcoin was created. It develops different solutions for companies from different industries and spheres of economics.
  6. This is a Ukrainian organization that develops products both for big and small companies. This company consists of experienced professionals who are a real team. That’s why it is so effective in the digital financial markets. All spheres of their work are connected to make collaboration with companies from Europe more effective.
  7. Open Ledger. This company was created in Denmark. The date of creation is 2014. This organization provides services for clients from different countries around the world. It creates solutions using different blockchain technologies, such as hyperledger and smart contracts.
  8. S-pro. This is another Ukrainian company. We see that Ukrainian companies are very popular in the Bitcoin segment. This company consults businesses in the sphere of cryptocurrency. Their clients are small and big companies that want to use blockchain technologies to increase the efficiency of their work and make them competitive. This company also develops other digital solutions, such as applications (based on different programming languages) and Big Data.
  9. This is an American company that creates services for small and big companies in different spheres of activity. SoluLab creates tokens, develops different smart contracts and cryptocurrency wallets to make using cryptocurrency easier and more convenient. Also, developers from this company create dApps, which are the type of applications of the future.
  10. This company was created in Russia and is operating from Moscow. The level of client service is extremely high. MixBytes delivers its services to different customers around the world that work in diverse industries and spheres. Also, it helps startups become more powerful. It creates different blockchain solutions, like dApps, smart contracts, etc.
  11. This company is situated in the Netherlands. It creates software and hardware associated with blockchain technologies. The list of customers of this organization is very huge. These are the individuals, governments, and companies. Their team creates solutions to make blockchain technologies secure and cost-effective.
  12. This is a Taiwanese project that consists of 20 people who create a full ecosystem of blockchain technologies. They carry out their activity all over the world.
  13. This is a second American blockchain project on our list. The team of this company consists of more than 30 people. It creates its own blockchain that is offered to its clients around the world.
  14. Alpha Point. This organization collaborates with a lot of famous stakeholders. It was created in the United States. This company creates individual strategies for the businesses in the blockchain sphere and helps companies to implement them.
  15. This company was created in 2012. It creates decentralized applications for people and companies from every part of the world.


The list of the best companies in the cryptocurrency sphere is very changeable. Some of them can change their activity and the main sphere of their work. Others can lose their positions on the market at the moment you read this article. However, in all cases, the Bitcoin market is developing. This sphere promises a lot of innovative solutions for everyone.