December 25, 2020 -

What is an Energi coin and what are the most important advantages of it?

What is an Energi coin and what are the most important advantages of it?

Energi is a very interesting project because this cryptocurrency is self-financed. This is the main goal of it. Creators decided to offer a system that can become a useful smart contract platform. Therefore, Energi is going to become a great opportunity for investments both now and in the future.

What is an Energi coin and what are the most important advantages of it?

The main features of Energi cryptocurrency

If we want to describe the main features that this cryptocurrency has, we need to mention these things:

  1. The main goal of this coin is to offer a unique cryptocurrency and create a great base for the future development of it. Every month, about 1 million coins are sent to the treasury system. All other cryptocurrencies maintain only 25% of this amount of money. For example, Dash, PIVX, and other cryptocurrencies transfer only a maximum of 10% into a treasury.
  2. A treasury is decentralized. It allows master-nodes to vote, which can support the coin in maintaining its decentralization.
  3. Energi can pay investors and developers because when it is growing, the budget of the treasury is also growing. It allows it to collaborate more and grow more.
  4. There is a higher level of inflation. On one side, this is a negative aspect of this cryptocurrency. On another, it motivates using this token as an investment instrument and reinvest money into other digital and classical assets.

All these aspects were very important during the first months after creating this token. We would not say anything about Energi cryptocurrency without mentioning the philosophy of this company. The philosophy is the following: every dollar that is invested in the system needs to give significantly more if it is invested the right way.

Some words about rewards

The reward is high enough. The main node gets a reward in 150 days after getting coins. It allows it to maintain the wide Energi spreading. One of the advantages of this coin is the lack of any limits on the number of coins in total. If this was not the case, it would mean that the Main Node and Treasury would die. Every one of these elements is necessary to keep this network alive.

There are 400 Masternodes in this network in total and every one of them generates 1000 Energi per month. Therefore, every node generates 12000 Energi per year.

What is an Energi coin and what are the most important advantages of it?

The number of Energi coins depends on the number of Masternodes. If it is 200 Masternodes, the size of the reward will be more than 2000 coins per month.

To sum up

Energi coin is a token created for speculation based on the treasury system. First, this project started as a Dask-fork to improve the treasury system but now this is developing projects that can provide new advantages and features in the future.