December 22, 2020 -

What is Quant coin and what are the advantages of it?

What is Quant coin and what are the advantages of it?

There is this startup called Overledger, and Quant is an essential piece of it. That said, you can trade Quant (or QNT) on many exchanges throughout the web.

With Quant, applications can be spread throughout various registries and still communicate. QNT proposes an additional layer that allows applications to work. Applications can connect with each other, transfer data and exchange it without depending on recordings in the registry.

Overledger is a system that allows users to create decentralized applications. They aren’t connected with only one chain. Users can launch them or smart contracts. Also, they can transfer data.

This unique approach is going to support the usage of Blockchain technologies in different spheres and cases of use. This technology doesn’t depend on a certain supplier or chain, which is its main advantage.


Quant in all its aspects is intertwined with Overledger – many versatile apps operate on QNT infrastructure. QNT also grants people different tools to develop their own applications to set up connections throughout various Blockchains. It really hastens the process of app creation.

Which criteria should data transferring technology meet if it wants to offer the best opportunities?

  1. One should be able to use next-generation applications for work with several Blockchains. It is the future. There are a lot of different cryptocurrencies and the modern token has to be compatible with others.
  2. It needs to be unlimited and support different suppliers and architecture.
  3. It should allow people to develop apps that meet the needs of customers without the need to rely on only one Blockchain. They can create applications that include all data.

Overledger has these opportunities for enterprises:

  1. Reaching out to more markets and platforms with alternative coins.
  2. Minimizing the risk and increasing the stability, giving a possibility to share applications and data via cross-chain.
  3. Reaching out for users from other chains.
  4. Locking suppliers or technology isn’t necessary.

If a person is an average user, not a businessman, there are also some attractive features. QNT network changes in one moment with the type of interaction with Blockchain. For example, a user can be called the only subject. Thanks to it, there’s no need memorize user data, because there’s only going to be one account.

Also, Quant Network has its own App Store that stimulates developers to create applications. Overledger is an open-source project, but developers can get some tokens if they create some applications.

Overledger generally supports 2 kinds of apps:

  1. Free apps. The amount of money that has to be paid for using the application can be set on zero level. However, customers need to have a minimal amount of tokens for getting access to this solution.
  2. Paid apps. This type of application is created by those developers who want to get an income with dApps. Every developer decides autonomously what amount of money they want to get.

The kind of dApps created by the Quant team is called mApps, aka multi-chain apps.

Lastly, there’s currently QNT-based software in development, and its purpose is to help advance all those things mentioned above.

There are a lot of spheres where the QNT token is going to be used:

  1. Financial services. The main attention is paid to learning how to use Quant Network on financial markets, in trading usual goods, stocks, and other spheres associated with business and investments.
  2. This includes clinical research, checking quality, etc.
  3. Different benefits for the government, increasing efficiency, and others.

To sum up, it is a great coin that has promising prospects.