November 6, 2020 -

What is VideoCoin (VID)

What is VideoCoin (VID)

VideoCoin is a very interesting token that was developed for 18 months. It’s renowned primarily as a Blockhain-based video network.

It was designed primarily for the purposes of video maintenance. Here, people are able to broadcast their videos through Blockchain with the help of VID Tokens that can be bought on two big crypto platforms: Beaxy and KuCoin.

VID intended as an innovative high-tech solution. It allows everyone to broadcast videos through their own network. These words were said by Devadutta Ghat, the technical director of the strategy services supplier for this project called “Live Planet”.

When he presented this project, he said that he is very glad to present this network because it means a start of a very important era on their way to bring something completely new to the streaming market.


The key features of this project include:

  1. The VideoCoin Publisher Studio
  2. VideoCoin open-source protocol
  3. Scalable interface for VideoCoin blockchain
  4. Stream Explorer
  5. Ethereum-VideoCoin Bridge.

All of these components are interconnected, and their primary concern is the well-being of the streaming capabilities.

General information

VID infrastructure might work off Blockchain, but it’s connected to the physical methods of paying through several high-tier banking institutions. Owing to that fact, the token is able to establish itself as highly reputable and beneficial, as well as maintain the work of its network.

In order to boost the value of this token and make sure everyone involved gets their rightful share, the issuer destroyed 2/3 of all tokens in existence, thus increasing the profitability. Thanks to that, the users will be able to receive real money for their efforts. The functional capabilities and their impact rely on the number of tokens that remain.

This news followed the creation of the Blockchain Virtual Reality network called BVRN. A lot of enjoyable VR programs from leaders in the Blockchain developing sphere have been created, including Bad Crypto Podcast,, etc.

There are about 0.5 million users involved into this activity, and they are all thrilled to be a part of it.


This is a method of how to process cloud 3D-video in 4K resolution very fast, cheap, and safer than others. A CEO of this company said that his company waits for the future because videos are a very important experience for people. This is one of the methods of modern communication.

We can create a video with some information and share it with everyone who wants to receive this information. We can communicate using video technologies, study, and grow.

The ability to do it shouldn’t be restricted to a small group, it belongs to everyone. Because the VID network is not centralized, this state of things wasn’t just achieved nominally, but also in fact.


Let’s recapture some material we learned above:

  1. VideoCoin is a very promising cryptocurrency that provides innovative technologies in online video streaming. We know that blockchain technologies are not only for payments. It can make a revolution in the video services based on Blockchain.
  2. This is a very ecological service that can save a lot of money and time on video processing.

The future is going to be very interesting.